Men’s Problem Solution is a medical tourism project operating in the United Arab Emirates. The project aims to provide urological treatments to men who, for various reasons such as lack of expertise and necessary equipment, are unable to receive treatment in their own country. The project is marketed through a combination of online advertising and periodic events featuring international experts. In this project, patients can undergo urological and marital problems treatment during a multi-day trip to the UAE and the city of Dubai.

The Men’s Problem Solution project has been managed by the Shams E-Commerce Group since its inception.

Targeted Digital Advertising

This project uses targeted digital advertising to attract potential customers. First, the countries to be targeted for advertising were determined. Then, the audience persona was defined for each country. This is because residents of each of the targeted countries may be potential customers of these products for specific reasons. For example, patients in Iran may travel to the UAE for treatment due to sanctions on medical equipment. On the other hand, patients in a country like Kuwait may prefer to undergo treatment during a trip due to shyness about discussing their sexual problems. By carefully defining these different personas, different campaigns were designed for each audience segment.


One of the features of this project is the VIP service model provided to patients. For this purpose, it was necessary to select patients who all have a good income. The income level of the target audience was targeted in the advertising campaigns using creative methods. This helped ensure that a good number of patients were present at the in-person events held with the presence of Professor Omid Seddiq, one of the world’s leading urologists who currently practices in Italy.


Google Ads Health Guideline

One of the significant challenges faced by the Men’s Problem Solution project was convincing Google Ads to approve their advertisements. Initially, Google classified the ads as being related to sexual enhancement and blocked them from displaying. However, by providing Google with the necessary documentation and demonstrating the medical nature of the advertisements, the project was able to secure approval for future ads. Nevertheless, for ads promoting one of the clinic’s treatments, penile prosthetics, it was necessary to take precautionary measures to prevent account deactivation.

Instagram Community Guideline

Similar challenges were encountered on Instagram. Creating content that accurately represented the clinic’s activities while adhering to Instagram’s content guidelines required careful consideration. The project team had to strike a balance between providing informative content and avoiding language or imagery that could trigger content restrictions.