Talscope is a recruitment platform that connects international talent with Austrian companies. They go beyond just job listings, offering a multi-stage recruitment process with tools to match your skills and personality to the perfect opportunity.

Telescope also provides support throughout the entire journey, from interview prep to relocation. They even help with initial accommodation, making the relocation to Austria smooth and stress-free.

Target Audiences:

  • Global Job Seekers: Telescope targets professional job seekers from developing countries who aspire to immigrate to Austria. They likely possess valuable skills and qualifications.
  • Austrian Employers: The platform targets companies seeking expertise beyond their local talent pool. These employers are open to hiring skilled workers from abroad.

Media Strategy:

Telescope leverages paid advertising across various channels to reach both audiences. However, their approach goes beyond simply attracting viewers.

Challenges and Solutions:

The key challenge lies in creating a balanced ecosystem. Without enough job seekers, employers lose interest, and vice versa. Here’s how we address this:

  • Maintaining Balance: We meticulously monitor the number of job seekers and vacancies. This allows them to target advertisements towards specific fields where demand is high.
  • Targeted Employer Reach: We use sophisticated segmentation techniques on digital advertising platforms. This ensures our ads reach the right audience – HR managers and talent acquisition specialists.
  • Building Brand Awareness: Digital advertising campaigns are designed to create awareness of Telescope within the Austrian employer community.
  • Nurturing Leads: Both employers and job seekers are nurtured through marketing automation and targeted email campaigns, encouraging them to return to the platform.

By addressing these challenges, Telescope strives to create a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers in Austria.